Image Databases (FOTI)

Research team FOTI from IRIMAS institute provides its imaging databases:

  • A spectro-polarimetric database including 10 scenes (6 spectral bands, 4 polarisation directions) used in P.-J. Lapray, L. Gendre, L. Bigué & A. Foulonneau, “Database of Polarimetric and Multispectral Images in the Visible and NIR Regions“, in Unconventional Optical Imaging, Strasbourg, SPIE 10677, 1067738 (2018).
  • A spectro-polarimetric database including 28 scenes. For each scene, a pair of raw stereo mosaicked images allows the user to reconstruct polarization information along 36 spectral bands. The database is used in S. Sattar, P.-J. Lapray, L. Aksas, A. Foulonneau & L. Bigué, “Snapshot SpectroPolarimetric Imaging using a pair of Filter Array Cameras”, submitted (2022).