The Bureau des Elèves (BDE) is the union that animates life outside the classroom.



It has about 350 members who are involved throughout the year in the organization and implementation of projects or activities.



It has many clubs, scientific and technical, cultural or sports:

Music, robotics, ecarteam (automotive), wine tasting, gala, 4L Trophy, theater, design & creation …



ENSISA supports the activities of the BDE and clubs by the provision of premises (cafeteria, foyer, a self-managed computer room, a music room, a room for robotics …), material and financial endowment .

For certain projects, ENSISA makes its production plants (assembly machines, automatic cutting table, embroidery, etc.) and its equipment.



The re-entry seminar

To facilitate integration, ENSISA organizes a four-day seminar back on campus, in the school and in the city of Mulhouse for first year students (the seminar is framed to prevent hazing, expressly proscribed) . This seminar is dedicated to a panorama of life at school (general operation, specialties, research, extracurricular activities, health and safety), with an introduction to sustainable development, project personnel and structuring of the tissue socio- Regional economic.