Key facts

Students Achievements

3 ENSISA students awarded (First prize of The 2015 Alsace Tech in-novation competition)

The European Joint Research Center entrusts a mission to the Iariss team Two 2nd year Students in Mechanics model a rim of a Farman

NF2 of the Mulhouse Motor Museum



Faculties Achievements

Organization of the Workshop COST Action in ENSISA

60 scientific publications in 2014

Ph.D student winner of the Théophile Legrand Award 2015 (in the field of textile)

2015 Best Papers Awards: from the Artificial Intelligence in Medecine Conference, Pavie, Italy; from the Algerian Network for Academics, Scientists and Researchers.



Guest Lecture Series

ENSISA organizes Distinguished Guest Lecture Series wherein eminent persons are invited to speak on the topics of contemporary interest. The lecture series immensely benefits the students and faculty and is found useful by the invitees as well. The University organizes lectures in each semester under this series.



Summits and Workshops

ENSISA regularly organizes various summits on functional areas of various fields of engineering addressed by academics, industry experts and enlightened government officials.




The average lead-time for the first job is one month after graduation.

Graduated from a scientific and technical training, the ENSISA Engineer carries out its missions in all business sectors related to his or her core curriculum, within small or large industrial groups businesses and in very diverse functions.

Early career salaries are around the French national average.