As a part of the University of Haute Alsace, ENSISA enjoys relationships and networks thereof, including ERASMUS and EUCOR + (Network of Universities of the Upper Rhine).
While relying on this service, ENSISA has its own international relations cell, responsible in particular for organizing the mobility of students within specific agreements.


Regularly, new partnership agreements are established, which increase the range of already effective agreements. We recently signed with Ivanovo (Russia), Shin Shu (Japan), Faisalabad (Pakistan), BKBIET Pilani (India), Bandung (Indonesia).


Even closer collaborations are characterized by the establishment of double degrees (Korea, India, Morocco, Tunisia).


Via the network of “Grandes Ecoles” in Alsace -ALSACE TECH-, ENSISA takes part to the TriRhenaTech border alliance, which brings together German higher education structures (Karlsruhe, Offenburg and Furtwangen) and Swiss (Northwestern Switzerland).


ENSISA is also a founding member of the European network AUTEX for textile universities which counts at the moment 31 members from 23 countries.This network is the support of the European Masters E-team, offered to engineering students of the textile and fibers specialty



ENSISA is also an active member of the n + i network that works for the reception in France of international engineers students.


ENSISA is also a stakeholder in the FITEC network managing exchanges with different countries.