Networks and Partners

Regional and local networks


ENSISA is well connected with the regional socio-economic world. Further, through its laboratories, ENSISA is actively involved in four clusters (national competitiveness policy) :


Vehicle of the Future

Fiber Energivie

Alsace BioValley



As well as centers of local areas of expertise :


Pôle Textile Alsace

Rhénatic digital cluster.


Thematic tours of ENSISA  platforms and laboratories, are regularly organized, in particular with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


ENSISA participates in the project launched by Campus Industry 4.0 UHA, the M2A (of Mulhouse conurbation) and the Société Industrielle de Mulhouse (SIM) to Mulhouse re-industrialise the labor pool.


ENSISA is a founding member of AlsaceTech engineering schools network that brings together 14 schools of engineering, management and architecture.


In this context, the network’s joint actions punctuate ENSISA year: Business Forum (internships and jobs) Competition to innovate together, MAE engineer-manager, cross-training, …


Under the Alsace Region contract for Engineer, ENSISA is part of to a common project in the field of  “industry of the future” with Alsace Tech.



National networks


ENSISA  is a member of the CGE, the CDEFI and CEFI, French Engineers and “Grandes Ecoles” networks.


Further, ENSISA  is an active member of n + i.


Since May 2015, ENSISA is  a member of the INSA Group as INSA-partner.


ENSISA adheres to PASC@line, association of schools of engineering and the digital industry whose purpose is the promotion of trades and digital formations with strong support of Syntec Numérique.


ENSISA is also a member of the ADESTH, Association for the Development of Higher Education for Textiles and Clothing.


The ADESTH is the French network of institutions (engineering schools, BTS / IUT, Bachelor) and research laboratories specialized in textiles and clothing and strongly connected to the professional and institutional representations.



International networks


ENSISA, as part of the Université de Haute Alsace, takes advantage from the international relationships and networks of the University, particularly its Erasmus Programme network (31 foreign universities may interact with us) and Eucor (Upper Rhine Universities 7 members).


Through Alsace Tech, ENSISA participates in TriRhenaTech border alliance, which includes four German higher education structures (Karlsruhe, Offenburg and Furtwangen) and Swiss (Northwestern Switzerland).


ENSISA  is a founding member of the European textile universities network (AUTEX – currently including 31 members from 23 countries.
The network is the support of the European E-master team.


ENSISA also takes part to the n + i network of CampusFrance, which works for the welcome of international engineers students in France.


ENSISA also develops  strong relations within the FITEC network for students exchanges.


Regularly, new partnership agreements are established by ENSISA faculties among potential partners to recruit new students.

We have recently signed agreements with Ivanovo (Russia), Shin Shu (Japan), Faisalabad (Pakistan), BKBIET Pilani (India), Bandung (Indonesia).

These agreements come in addition to the 31 existing Erasmus + bilateral agreements and other partnership agreements.



Moreover,  closer collaborations are characterized by the establishment of double degrees (Korea, India, Morocco, Tunisia).