ENSISA is administered by the Board of the School with a president from the corporate world.
It is headed by a Director who is assisted by a management committee.
ENSISA has a single Development Council. In addition, each specialty has a Policy Board.
Each of the two research laboratories has its own Scientific Advisory Board and depends on the Commission Research at the University of Haute Alsace.


The Executive Committee
The Executive Committee manages the current affairs of ENSISA between the boards. This management team includes:
• the Director of ENSISA who chairs the Executive Committee,
• the heads of specialties,
• the Director of Studies and its potential assistants
According to the agenda, the Director may complete the Executive Committee by any person whose presence is found helpful.


The School Board
The School Board is composed of 16 faculties and administrative staff, 6 students and 14 external members. It defines the general policy of ENSISA, including the educational program and research directions in the context of the policy of the University and national regulations.
It advises and submit to the Board of Directors of the University the distribution of jobs.
It is consulted on the recruitment of staff and the vote of ENSISA budget, which is adopted by the Board of Directors of the University. It validates and changes the rules.
He appoints the Director of Studies and the managers of each specialty, on proposal of the Director of ENSISA.


The Development Council
It offers to the School Board a strategy in terms of training.
This Council shall guarantee the adequacy of training to business needs.
It is advised by the Advisory Councils for each specialty.


The specialty orientation tips
Each specialty has a Policy Board that proposes a strategy for this specialty in view of the evolution of the corresponding professional field.
This Council shall guarantee the adequacy of training to business needs. It is also informed of the state of the art and the evolution of research in the specialty.