ENSISA initially focuses on the engineering of fibers and textile materials and now covers five specialties:

Mechanical engineering

Electrical and control engineering

Textile and fibers

Computer science and software engineering    Production systems

(only for French students through apprenticeship).


The faculty staff of ENSISA are quality and research oriented. They provide higher education, research and technology transfer. Besides offering the highest quality of technical inputs, our college of Engineering has taken initiatives that enable our students to gain a global exposure and engineering approach. Furthermore, ENSISA is actively involved in the generation of new knowledge and has significant international recognition.


With a network of more than 2,600 active graduates (7,000 graduates since 1861) ENSISA constantly initiates new links with industrial and institutional partners.


ENSISA has always emphasized the diversity of students and faculties as this international melting pot brings together talents from all around the world. Since its creation, our college of Engineering has been developing curriculums and programs to encourage international students to study within ENSISA. No fewer than 5 programs are opened to international students.